Red Cauliflower Express

Abhinandan Pal
7 min readJan 7, 2021


Detective Anderson stood by the body as it gave out a burning smell from a fried brain.
“Must have flatlined at the very moment even a Gold Health Package can’t save someone with such an end. Officer, is the log chip safe.”
“Yes, sir luckily his model had the chip stack and the mod slot on different sides, rich bastard, it must have been priced at a fortune… Love how random logs are. Fascinating the brain”
“Stop the chatter and send me the Logs. Looks like an open and shut malfunction case.”
“Must have been smoking rich. Has an MC-X9 installed… Didn’t survive the burn.”
“That’s a bummer such good piece of tech wasted. Looks new if not for the burn. Wish they paid me enough to eventually die, that I could buy myself a chip that literally splits one’s conscience into separate individuals. Would have been so amazing to have various stances on a matter communicate with each other. Could have made myself so fcking rich with such clear though channels”
“Heard if you ignore the few jitters and occasional unnecessary quarrels it’s a rather cool tech. “

UserID : CorpB784JA241 ; Name: AniKux Katz ; LOG Entry: 30012084

<Minor Knocks from inside the head. Leading to user waking up>
MC-3 — -> “Its been happening for a few days now. You must see a neuro implant specialist.”
MC-5 — ->” But there was a package due to come in a day or two and You must be present while it does. Just go to the freezer and took a heath booster for now”
MC-2 — -> “ Five’s right isn’t wise to make the wolves wait.”

<MD49 injected into the bloodstream through CRC532H Blood filter channels>


Auditory Read — -> Ringing sound near the door.
<Walks to door and opens it>
Visual Read — -> a FluidSale delivery drone.
MC-1 — -> “There seems to be no weapon on it other than a mild stun. Seems safe enough.”
MC-2 — -> “Ani, It always wise to have your back covered while dealing with mercs, like the wolves “
MC-3 — -> “A gold Edition package with just a grade C stun gun, Seems FluidSale way to confident of themselves.”

Drone Message — ->”Pay 3000 in rebel coins”
MC-3 — -> “As I keep saying, Ani. You are paying way too high for a BD”. MC-2 — ->”Fck is wrong with you, you never negotiate with the wolves you take what they give you.”
< Transfering 3000 rebel coins to XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX >
Visual Read — -> Drone leaves as soon as the transaction is completed at a much higher speed than usual delivery drones.
MC-1 — -> “Makes sense why the lack of weapons”

<Took the FluidSale Gold Edition box and placed it on the table.>
MC-5 — -> “A rather shiny box. It has the smell of the street but doesn’t look like something from them. Must have been from one of those corpo back businesses.”
MC-1 — -> “So you say the wolves were just a transporter”.
MC-2 — -> “Careful, Ani. It might not be what you are expecting it to be”. MC-1 — ->”Ignore, Two’s paranoia with the wolves.”
<Broke seal of the package with carry-on knife>

MC-3 — -> “Seems like the product being illegal didn’t prevent them from loading a shit ton of documents onto you.”

MC-2 — -> “ Oh yeah, The govs. still have an upper hand over the street for the word illegal to be of any significance”

MC-1 — -> “The city is certainly in a shit hole. Two steps away from walking over the self-installed land mine. And Ani, you can’t say you are somehow the part of the solution. Honestly, for the most parts, you are part of the problem.”

MC-4 — ->”Ani, get a fcking hold over this addiction before you flatline in some dumpster with days before someone finds your rotten corpse.”

MC-5 — ->”Oh Screw off Number four… Ani, you are not addicted to no fcking shit. For fucks sake you have never held a cig or taken a shot. BD are just experiences one would otherwise have never lived. Show me a person who isn’t risking every coin in name of some experience.”

MC-4 — -> “Yeah sure five. BD’s are fcking magnificent and has no noticeable danger. And this addiction of yours most certainly does not risk thousands of life trying to shoot them. You fuck heads are literally creating a market out of suicides, pussy slaying and no wonder what other messed up shit. And then you go on and complain what a shit hole the city has turned into.”

MC-5 — -> “Let me break it to you, no one gives a shit about anyone. So you must too try stoping your meagre attempts of not risking other’s lives. They would anyway die a stupid death. And Ani, there is no saying you would have survived this life without the BDs. The city is cruel to loners, and those they find insignificant. Getting to live a video or a movie isn’t that what you have always dreamt of as a kid. And the tech is finally here. No point in stopping now.The high from the fear, the lust, the excitement. Emotions you would have otherwise never have felt were possible. Can you give that up? And if you think you can stop whenever you want. I am sorry but that’s not an option. Ever considered the withdrawal? You will just end up killing yourself, harm a doll or something even more stupid just for a moment of excitement.”

Memory Read — -> The Year 2068, Chiz Burst: Open Street News Archive

MC-3 — -> “Another Baby Studio buried under the sins of some big corpo. A typical sight of how these big corpos, push baby companies toward what they sell to the crowd as a success. But in the end, all they are doing is forcing them into gold mines filled with land mines to collect the coins for them. They themselves would never take the risk with new tech. A failure and a ton of lawsuits. Can cripple them in the public eye. At least that was true back then. With baby companies on the front, they can be set free with only a bad investment tag”

Open Street News Archive — -> <last edit: 23052083> Chiz went out of business in 2068 and went down in history as a dark patch. The first video was titled “Off the cliff”. I know not a buzzy name but the crowd was still hyped up. It was just a simple bungee jump clip something now you can find in any back alley pawn show for a few coins. And the milder, approved ones in any basic mall. Back then it was rather experimental and implants were expensive. Thus due to lack of budget, they were not able to test their BD headsets on many of the neural implants. And for the best part because of this those watching the BDs unknowingly took a much higher risk than a simple bungee jump. And now for spicy statistics, 1% of the total users were flatlined from a neural burst. 2.5K bodies spreading all over the country. But even in here, there was a hero. Millions had ordered the headset but there was our saviour in the name of a poor delivery system saving tens of thousands of lives.

MC 3 — -> “One would be a fool to expect something like this will convince people of BD being a bad idea. But all this incident ever did was bring BD under the mainstream light. And for the blame, it went to lack of proper experimentation. All it did was make sure such projects of significance should be left to big corpos. And that fcking Bill to cripple smaller companies like Chiz.”

<Within the box, there was a handwritten note>

MC-1 — -> “Haven’t seen one of those in quite a while. As it appears the person must have been trembling while he or she wrote it.”

MC-5 — -> “Holy smokes!! It Came in a Mint condition “under the surface” case. Man Ani, they most certainly out to make loyal customer outta you. Just Can’t believe! Mint condition box with one of Chiz’s 5 un-launched BDs.Thanks to the incident no one ever watched it but still makes for a great collector’s item. Anyway even though a collectable that’s just a box. Let’s see what we got inside”

<opens the case>

MC-5 — -> “ The BD looks raw. Which means no one has watched it before. And you might be the only one to ever watch it. Seems exciting, doesn’t it? One thinks for sure it has something not permitted by the BDCB. Number Three might be right about too high a price but the thing about BDs is that once you have lived hundreds of near-death moments on these babies. Money seems not to matter anymore. People are ready to pay thus the virtues costs this way. “

MC-4 — -> “You forgot to chip in the cost of the risk a BD actor has to live through. So as to obtain the genuine emotions of near-death experiences. And of course the cost on the studio for hiding the dead from our crippled police system.”

MC-2 — -> “Ani, I feel you should read the handwritten note before you hook on the virtue. Might be something important from the wolves”

<Hold’s the paper to read>

Visual Text signals — -> “So here we meet, The one with the dollars with my blood on it. You know a magical thing about success as a BD actress, you do too well and it will go dark and will be seen by only one. It was childish of me to imagine I could get famous in the city this easy. Hell, I wish never to have left my corpo life. It’s just been twelve hours and I am moments away from being flatlined. Funny to see with all this my life just ends as a fcking deluxe edition orgasm. Go ahead live my death.”